Content Development

We believe that each project should have its own unique voice. For each project, we develop proprietary ideas and messages with a unique language and content system that clearly delivers these messages with multiple layers of information to reach a wide audience. We create unique concepts, words, and stories, and work in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. We work with museum curatorial teams and other experts in the development of exhibition scripts and content for permanent and temporary exhibitions. We collaborate with talented writers and editors to develop final text and scripts for exhibitions and publications

Audiovisual design and direction

In today’s media-saturated environment, it is essential to present your message and stories in powerful and clear audiovisuals that break through and make an impact, by combining motion graphics, footage and photography in large-scale experiences, presentations or websites. We develop detailed scripts and storyboards for each project specifying content, structure, pace, imagery, casting and animation.

Visual identity and branding

We believe that each project should have a consistent and unique visual identity so it can create a strong brand presence across diverse media. For each project, we build a comprehensive graphic system of typography, color, imagery and materials. We also conceive and design proprietary logos and their corresponding usage manuals.

Interactive design

Every communications campaign requires a strong interactive component, capable of reaching audiences at any time in any place. For each project we integrate strategies for social media that help to make your message highly accessible and that encourage audiences to engage with it, add to it, and share it. We conceive, plan and design interactive spatial experiences as well as websites and apps for smartphones.

Experience design

We believe in the powerful impact of telling your story through an immersive experience. We design permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions. For their design, fabrication and installation, our work includes the development of 3-D visualizations, models and detailed drawings for indoor and outdoor experiences using the most appropriate technology, materials and fabrication techniques.

Print design

We believe that print media should be as compelling and innovative in content, format and distribution as any other media. As part of our process, we conceive, design and produce books, catalogues, posters and other print materials.